It is with great pleasure that I recommend you to Caryn Zwick of Kaz Company. Most of us like to work with folks for whom we have a personal referral or reference; let this be mine to you. I met Caryn at a vulnerable time for me, at 72, after decades of being on my company medical plan, I had only 3 weeks to sign up for Medicare and select appropriate Supplemental and Part D. It was an overwhelming time, or it would have been had I not been fortunate enough to meet Caryn. She took the time to get to know me, to understand my financial and medical coverage needs, and to sit down with me at my computer to beard the lion in its den, i.e. the website. Then three weeks later, during the last quarter enrollment period for Part D, she called to say she had found something even better. I recommend Caryn to you with no reservations. I value her expertise, her integrity and her patience, but most of all her humanity. Selecting the right Supplement/Medicare Advantage and Part D plans is not an easy task, you should have Caryn by your side.

Susan – Carrollton, Ohio

I would like to use this opportunity to share with you the high esteem we place on Brenda Gregory and her services offered here. She comes to our community and this senior center bringing a caring personality and a wealth of knowledge to those struggling to make critical decisions. Insurance issues can be very confusing and intimidating, but her help along these lines has made a difference for many. We appreciate and value her work here.

Connie – Akron, Ohio

Sharon Honroth has been a guiding light in the process of maneuvering through the multiple Medicare supplements out there. She carefully reviews individual’s needs and medications to help choose just the right plan. I have referred her to many of my of my colleagues who are looking for their right plan, and all have been very satisfied with her services. I continue to recommend her to anyone who has to make these choices. I am one satisfied customer!

Tom & Cathy

Aimee is a blessing in our lives and has been for the last few (4-5?) years. She is a pleasure to work with; always answering our questions, even if she has to research for the answers. We know we can trust that she’ll find what will work best for us. My Husband has referred a lot of people to her and has told them they won’t be disappointed. In the near future we will be moving to another city and county and we are so happy that we won’t be leaving Aimee. She will still be able to be there for us. Aimee is a sweetie and we appreciate all the help she’s give us.

Ted – Shaker Heights, Ohio

As a medical professional, I am well aware of the complexity involved in navigating the options available in choosing the appropriate Medicare plan which is best suited for an individual. I have recommended Kathy to my patients as well as personally seeking her advice in choosing plans for both my wife and myself. Kathy is knowledgeable, trustworthy and is well versed in all Medicare options available to help you choose the most appropriate plan. I recommend her without reservation.


Being a first time Medicare recipient, Shelley was more than accommodating in showing me the many Medicare plan options available. She is very professional and clearly understands the different Medicare plans that she presented. Shelley was caring and helpful during the Medicare plan selection process, and for that, I am most thankful!

Dick & Chris

We used to struggle to find the right Medicare Supplement Insurance. It was all so confusing. Then to our great pleasure, we came in contact with the KAZ Company. We do not struggle at all now when it comes to enrollment time.

Dennis & Nancy

Lorrie’s assistance was invaluable. She could nor have been more forthright, objective and cognizant of our needs. We would be proud to recommend her to anyone at any time.


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